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Real Mexican Street Food

loved by the RGV

All of our ingredients are locally grown.


Corn(5) Flour(4) Bistec, Tripa or mixed meats.
(Served with cilantro and grilled onions)

Tacos de Tripa

Corn(5) Flour(4) Tacos de tripa.
(Served with cilantro and grilled onions)

Papa Sencilla

Butter, mild cheddar and Mexican sour cream.

Papa Asada con Pedacitos de Tocino

Butter, mild cheddar, Mexican sour cream and bacon bits.

Papa Asada con Carne y Cebolla Guisada

Butter, mild cheddar, Mexican sour cream, bistec and grilled onions.


Beans, mozzarella cheese, bistec. (Served with lettuce, tomate and avocado on the side)

Hot Dog Sencillo

Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, tomato, raw onions and grilled onions.

Hot Dog Cachondo

Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, raw onions, tomato, ham, American cheese, bacon, avocado and grilled onions.


Avocado, mayonnaise, ham, American cheese, bistec, lettuce and tomato.

Frijoles Preparados

Charro beans with bistec and mozzarella cheese.


Corn (5) or Flour (4) tortilla with white cheese.

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